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Design & Mold Production
Design of the sheet metals and welding apparatus required for serial production of the parts that will be activated is done by taking into account the customer's requirements. With the support of the Auto Form analysis program, the Catia program is used for design. The designed molds,apparatus and welding fixtures are first machined in CNS machines and then assembled, The works in process are confirmed by the CMM machine. The approved parts having conformity to mold and product are delivered to the production department.

Press Lines & Welding Technologies 
According to the production schedule, metal sheets are prepared with the support of hydraulic shearing machine and cut to length machine. And then they are shaped in eccentric press department. The outputs of the press department are sent to the welding department where they are welded by gas metal arc welding robots and project welding robots.

All the molds and apparatus made with the support of CAD and CAM programs and the forged components having the weight from 0,50kg to 5kgs are made in our own facilities.

Machining Center 
Parts coming from the forging department and approved by quality are machined in our CNC machines.

Assembly Lines
Ball joints are assembled on the requested oscillation and rotation torque values in a computer-controlled machine.
Our bushing press is suitable for horizontal and vertical bushings. Push-out and pull-out forces are controlled and recorded.
After all the production processes are finished, the parts are assembled, marked by laser, packed and sent to our warehouse.

Testing Capability & Laboratory
All products are subjected to extensive testing procedures to meet our high quality standards.
With our extensive laboratory infrastructure and qualified staff, we are able to analyze all quality characteristics of our products within our organization. Measuring equipments and some of our tests; fatigue test, surface-contour measurement, surface-hardness measurement, surface-roughness measurement, material surface-crack control test, painting thickness control, 3-D measurement (CMM) and welding tensile strength test.
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