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Wishbone & Track Control Arm
Wishbone is a part of vehicle suspension system and forms a whole with axle carriers, steering system components, stabilizer bars, spring and shock absorbers in front suspension systems. Wishbones keep tires properly position and limit their movements against the forces from various directions, but allow only their vertical movement, up and down direction. In other words, they meet the lateral and braking forces the vehicle is exposed to. The wishbone is attached to the frame using bushings to enable it to swing up and down. The whisbone is also attached to the steering knuckle by a ball joint. Different from the three-point connection in the wishbone, in the control arm there is a two-point connection consisting of a ball joint and a bushing. According to their positions of connection to the chassis and the direction of the tres, they are called the upper or lower and the left or right wishbones, respectively.

Bushings are placed vertically or horizontally on the wishbones and provide their connection to the vehicle chassis. According to their positions on the wishbones, they are called the right-left, front-rear and center bushings.

Ball Joint
Ball joints are designed to make the connection between the wishbone and the steering knuckle. It is always installed at the triangular corner of the wishbone. Depending on the use of upper or lower wishbones, they are called the upper or lower ball joints.

Tie Rod End
The tierod end is a part of car's steering system and together with the axial joint they are used to link the steering gear to the steering knuckle. Its length can be adjustable during assembly. As they offer an important function to a car's steering system and therefore a car's overall safety, it is recommended that tie rod ends be inspected on a regular basis, just like the other steering and suspension parts mentioned here.

Axial Joint
The axial joint is the part that makes the connection between the pitman arm and the tie rod end.

Link Stabilizer
Stabilizer links are parts of a car's suspension system and together with stabilizer bars they are used to try to keep the car's body from rolling in sharp turns by moving force from one side of the body to another.
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